Polessa- szkoła języka polskiego- Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot - Polessa
Szkoła języka polskiego dla cudzoziemców. Centrum języka polskiego w centrum Gdyni. Kursy semestralne, miesięczne i letnie!
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Why us?

“Polessa. Polish Language Centre” is a new point on the educational map of Gdynia. We have chosen our location not by accident – we are in the heart of the city, in its very centre, at the foot of Kamienna Góra, and near Świetojańska street. We have created this place for foreigners who live and work in Gdynia.

The school “Polessa. Polish Language Centre” is an educational establishment that offers complete facilities and state-of-the-art scientific aids, professional handbooks, and Polish dictionaries on all levels. “Polessa” is a fruit of my long dreams of having my own school for foreigners in my place, Gdynia. I have given it a mysterious and intriguing name, because it combines my two professional experiences – Polish and foreign, from Odessa.

My mission statement is: ‘My professionalism means high quality of work, which contributes to effective education. My work is my passion, and the success of my students is my success.’






The school “Polessa. Polish Language Centre” makes sure that every Client is satisfied and receives whatever he or she needs. All classes, from the first meeting, are conducted in Polish only. In my teaching, I follow the communicative method. Grammar appears always within a functional approach, never as theory!

The courses I prepare take account of the needs of individual Clients and groups. Each and every Client may select either one-to-one lessons, conversation classes, or buy a semester course in the STANDARD version. At your request, I can prepare SPECIAL custom-made courses.



  • 45 min.

    50 PLN
  • 60 min.

    70 PLN
  • 90 min.

    100 PLN


  • 60 min.

    90 PLN
  • 90 min.

    140 PLN


A group in semester and monthly courses is made of minimum 3 and maximum 6 students, which ensures both the efficiency and quality of your education. I offer semester courses in the STANDARD version, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which include levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 and in the SPECIAL version.


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Monthly Courses

A one-month INTENSIVE course is dedicated to persons and groups who value their time and look for fast effects, because we can cover a semester programme within a month.


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The group SUMMER course is given in July and August. It is dedicated to those who want to take part in interesting events and workshops in addition to their language study. The course includes a tourist programme in the Pomeranian and Kashubian Region, owing to the qualifications of a tour leader I hold. Learning Polish while relaxing by the Polish sea in Gdynia guarantees your success.

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About me!

Joanna Samp-Szulc

Teacher of Polish as a Foreign Language

My name is Joanna. I graduated from Polish Studies and Culture Studies. I hold the required qualifications and have had 9-years’ experience in teaching. I studied the methodology of Polish as a Foreign Language at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and during specialist courses conducted by the Centre of Polish Education Development Abroad in Warsaw. In Poland, I have worked for language schools in the TriCity (Siesta in Gdynia, Sopocka Szkoła Języka Polskiego, and Akademia Języka Polskiego in Gdańsk). Moreover, I worked in my profession abroad for three years, which has given me a special teaching perspective and knowledge. I worked for two years as the Polish Language Teacher for the Polish Association in Ukraine at the Polish Culture Centre of the General Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine, and for one year at the Polish Society in Crimea, Simferopol, where I gave one-to-one and group courses of Polish for native speakers and as a foreign language on different levels. I taught children, students, and adults there.
In the academic year of 2015/2016, I worked for the Higher School of Banking in Gdańsk, where I taught methodology of teaching children, native-speakers of Russian, and elements of culture in language during the course under the title ‘Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language’.
By combining my knowledge with language and culture experience, I can provide my Clients with Polish education in very attractive forms. I want to use my skills as a tour leader in my teaching as well.
My energy and optimism are contagious (my students’ opinion!). I am a hard-working and efficient person. I like cycling with my husband and walking with my daughter.


years of experience as a teacher of Polish as a foreign language


years of working abroad in Ukraine (Crimea and Odessa)


satisfied groups in Poland and abroad


individual students who speak Polish

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Polish Language Centre

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